International eFitness and Exergaming Association (IEAEA)

International eFitness and Exergaming Association (IEAEA) The International eFitness and Exergaming Association (IEAEA) is the join central association of all in the fields of eFitness and exergaming. The IEAEA is designed for development and support, as well as for the organization and coordination. The IEAEA and its regional and national associations represent common interests for the protection and benefit of all.

The IEAEA is the supreme authority for world championships and international events in eFitness and Exergaming and awards licenses for regional and national championships, events and leagues.

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Covid-19 (Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2)
global financial crisis / world economic crisis 2020 / 2021

As a business expert for turnaround management, Dr. Kai Pauling already warned of the coming global economic crisis in 2019. In February 2020, he intensified his warning especially for the fitness industry (read article here, english translation) or (original PDF, german). He particularly emphasized that the crisis was inevitable even before the Covid-19 pandemic. The underestimated epidemic has only accelerated the situation and the new financial crisis will be much worse. For those who have not yet responded and do not quickly initiate the turnaround, bankruptcy will be inevitable.

Dr. Kai Pauling was offering entrepreneurs and SMEs his professional help for reorganization and turnaround.

He was offering his crisis counseling to nonprofit sports clubs and sports associations on a voluntary basis (see letter of recommendation, english translation) or (original PDF, german).

As independent appraiser he was also available for individual external expert opinions and written reports (IDW S6 expert restructuring concept).

About Dr. Kai Pauling

Dr. Kai Pauling was a lecturer and independent expert for Sports Management and Business Administration, especially Fitness Management, eFitness / eSport, Occupational Health Management (OHM) and Occupational Health Promotion (OHP), Change Management / Turnaround Management and Corporate Business Management / Personnel Development.

Curriculum vitae, certificates and awards
(click here and open as PDF).

Teaching Areas

As a guest lecturer, Dr. Kai Pauling was offering his teaching skills in the following courses: Business Administration, Sports Management, Fitness Management, Sports Economics, Fitness Economics, Sports Science, Fitness Training, Health Management, Business Psychology, Life Coaching.

In coach education for: Personal Trainer, Fitness Trainer, Football/Soccer, Athletics (Running).

Languages of instruction was: German and English.

Personal Training

As a personal trainer, Dr. Kai Pauling was supporting clients in the following areas: Weight loss, Individual nutritional counselling, Fitness, Exercise for legs, abdomen, bottom, Abdominal muscle training (six pack), Body shape, Strength training / Muscle building training, Fitness for children, Fitness for pregnancy, Desire for children, Endurance training, Running training (Marathon), Back pain, Stress, Occupational burnout.

Training support was: face-to-face and online.

Areas of Competence


VC Investor

As a private Venture Capital Investor and personal Business Angel, was supporting Entrepreneurs in realizing their business idea.

Founders in Personal Training, eSports and eFitness, with Micro Gym / Boutique Concepts, Franchise Development and from all other areas of the Sports, Fitness and Health Market was able to contact him personally (by Email).